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We’ll help you secure your dream home at an ideal price for current market conditions with advice and our specialized expertise. Each and every Sotheby’s Realtor is highly trained to negotiate the best value for you.

Trusted real estate advisors.

Sotheby’s International Realty Canada is trusted by the world’s sophisticated homebuyers and investors. Our real estate agents are market leaders who have helped thousands build wealth through real estate. We help maximize the long-term value of your home with negotiation skills and strategies that help secure your home at an optimal price given today’s market conditions.

A tradition of exceptional service.

The most important thing you can do as a potential buyer is prepare yourself for what will likely be the largest financial decision you make in your life. Sotheby’s tradition of exceptional service means our advisors will offer personalized attention tailored to your needs, regardless of the neighbourhood or price of your desired home.

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      10 steps to purchasing a property

      1. Download our buyers guide and educate yourself on the process.

      It’s great to want to hit the ground running when it comes to buying a property – but make sure you’re prepared for the process. The more you know about what you’re looking for and what you can afford, the better experience you’ll have. Input your email below to download our guide.

        2. Choose the right Realtor.

        A Realtor is your most trusted resource when it comes to home buying. Your Realtor should introduce you to the best mortgage broker, lawyer, moving company etc., and know the neighbourhood you’re looking to move to well. Choosing a Sotheby’s International Realty means you’re choosing the #1 most trusted brand in residential real estate*. Our reputation has earned the repeat business of Canada’s most discerning real estate buyers and investors.

        *Lifestory Research, 2018 America’s Most Trusted® Study

        3. Sit down with a mortgage professional.

        The biggest mistake that most buyers make is going online and using a “what can I afford” calculator to determine their budget. It’s a great start, but it’s important to book a meeting with a mortgage professional to determine how much you can afford and ensure you’ve got everything in order when it comes time to make an offer.

        4. Focus! Choose a neighbourhood.

        The city is a big place with a lot of properties. The more you focus the better chance you have of finding the best property for the best value. You’ll want to consider schools, walkability, commute time, access to amenities, even your neighbours! Your Realtor can help you narrow down on what’s most important to you, so that you only search in areas that suit your lifestyle.

        5. Create a list of wants vs needs. 

        Of course we all want a condo with an unobstructed view, or a house with the perfect split bedroom floorplan. Making a list of the most important factors for you ensures that you can easily narrow in on the best potential homes for you – make sure to properly balance your wants vs needs and be realistic about what’s available.

        6. Start your search with automatic property updates.

        NOW you can start your property search! Serious buyers need to be in the loop with what’s available. Our automatic property updates services makes sure that you get the properties that match your needs most are you delivered to your inbox as soon as they become available, so that you never miss out.

        7. Make an offer based on comparables.

        You’ve found the perfect place – now it’s time to make your move. Our Realtors understand that finding the right home takes time, and will ensure that you’re prepared once the time for offers arrives. When making an offer your Realtor will protect your best interests by including conditions with the offer and negotiating with a maximum price in mind to ensure you don’t overpay or go past your comfort level.

        8. Deliver the deposit check.

        Once an offer is accepted (even before it goes “firm”) you typically have 24 hours to deliver the deposit check to the seller. The deposit amount is negotiated during the offer process but it is typically 5% of the purchase price. If you deliver the check even 1 minute more than 24 hours, the deal is technically void. Moving money isn’t always fast so make sure to have your deposit prepared in advance.

        9. Waive any conditions.

        If your offer contained conditions like a finance condition, you have a specific amount of time to “waive” the conditions or the deal will become null and void and your deposit will be returned to you. If you waive the conditions, the deal becomes “firm” a and you are obligated to now close on the property. Neither side can back out at this point.

        10. Close the deal with your lawyer and mortgage team, and get the keys!

        Your lawyer and mortgage broker will set up meetings with you for a couple of days before closing to sign off on the final documents. At this point your job is to book the movers and get your finances in order. The lawyer will let you know exactly how much you need to bring with you when you meet, but it will include the remained of your downpayment, land transfer tax and legal fees. Once you have done that, you get the keys to your awesome new property!

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